From a Science to an Art – Project Management

When you start out in Project Management, you are excited about all the planning, checking off boxes, taking each step towards a successful end to your project – the Science of it.  After a few years, you learn to navigate the consistent issues that come up.  Inevitable delays, other projects taking your resources, or additional work without additional funding or time – these get easier and easier.

But, what about the PEOPLE in the way of your success?  Sometimes it’s your boss, sometimes it’s your team members, and sometimes it’s your sponsor.  It’s counterintuitive that the very people who want your project to succeed, are often the ones in the way of that success – but it’s true.  It’s not necessarily their fault, maybe their boss changed the plan, a critical event turns their attention, or they’re just plain overwhelmed.  Navigating the people of your project with no power or authority – that teaches you the ART of project management.

When you can negotiate the people, their personalities, the details, the lists, the timeline, the reporting, the client, while staying honest and transparent, and still succeed – you’ve made it!

Author: WhitewomannamedKaren

Want to step out of this toxic patriarchal culture? Did you know our cultures makes us want to be mean to each other? See it, stop it, and join hands with other women!

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