Ready to create your own brand and stand out?

I want to recommend Own Your Brand by David Billstrom.  He’s an executive coach and has outlined how to create your own brand on LinkedIn in simple, easy steps.  Going through his process transformed how I think about myself.  It allowed me to get away from my resume and present myself as I really am and how I want to be seen – an interesting person, a proven track record, and someone ready to take on the next challenge. 

Even if you think you are set in your current job, you should create your own personal brand – you never know what doors it could open up!

Making the impossible feasible, then successful.

Author: WhitewomannamedKaren

Want to step out of this toxic patriarchal culture? Did you know our cultures makes us want to be mean to each other? See it, stop it, and join hands with other women!

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