1 Million Cups Recommendation

One Million Cups

One Million Cups – Highly Recommend for Every Entrepreneur!  163 communities across the US.

It’s an absolute must for entrepreneurs!  (click here to learn more) It’s such an amazing environment.  Entrepreneurs present who they are and what they need.  The audience helps them.  Different communities will have different attendance rates and different formats, but one thing remains true – it gives entrepreneurs a forum to get the help they need.  You can review a financing pitch, get help on introducing a new product, get help on how to expand, etc.  It’s free help without strings and contracts from qualified people.  I’ve learned something at every event that has helped me too.

I’ve become addicted actually – I love the spirit the audience offers.  One idea brings on another as only focused groups can do.  One by one we’re smart but together we’re amazing!!!

Being an entrepreneur is TOUGH – here’s something just for you when you need it.


Making the Impossible Feasible, then Successful


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Author: WhitewomannamedKaren

Want to step out of this toxic patriarchal culture? Did you know our cultures makes us want to be mean to each other? See it, stop it, and join hands with other women!

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