1 Million Cups Recommendation

One Million Cups

One Million Cups – Highly Recommend for Every Entrepreneur!  163 communities across the US.

It’s an absolute must for entrepreneurs!  (click here to learn more) It’s such an amazing environment.  Entrepreneurs present who they are and what they need.  The audience helps them.  Different communities will have different attendance rates and different formats, but one thing remains true – it gives entrepreneurs a forum to get the help they need.  You can review a financing pitch, get help on introducing a new product, get help on how to expand, etc.  It’s free help without strings and contracts from qualified people.  I’ve learned something at every event that has helped me too.

I’ve become addicted actually – I love the spirit the audience offers.  One idea brings on another as only focused groups can do.  One by one we’re smart but together we’re amazing!!!

Being an entrepreneur is TOUGH – here’s something just for you when you need it.

Making the Impossible Feasible, then Successful


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An Honest Conversation about Trust

Trust – it means relying on your teammate to do what they said they were going to do.  Well, there wouldn’t be a huge project management industry if everyone did what they said they were going to do.  Sports teams wouldn’t practice for 1000’s of hours if it was easy to create trust.

Trust is crucial in a marriage, required (but repairable) in a friendship, but it’s really non-existent in the office.  Look over at your team mate – do you trust them with your job? Would they trust you with their job?  At best, we trust but verify – that really means we don’t trust at all.  Quite frankly, there’s too much riding on the task/project/effort – your next performance review, your raise, your promotion.  Everyone has their own agenda and without clear communication, each person creates their own priorities out of the tasks in front of them. Don’t even get me started on the trust fall….

Let’s focus instead on how we interact with each other.  Let’s focus on improving our communication skills – upward, downward and lateral.  Let’s focus on asking for what we need out of our systems instead of being stuck with ‘it’s what we always do’.  Let’s focus on expectations and processes – are they appropriate? Speak up if they’re not so you can figure out solutions collaboratively.

Trust is created slowly and only through intention.  Truly great teams have earned the trust between them – be that team! Or ask how you can become one!

Making the Impossible Feasible, then Successful

A Successful Team is a Powerful Force

I’m drawn to team work so completely because I’ve seen the amazing power it can generate.  I’ve witnessed many times how a group of people who were on the same road at the same time going in the same direction moved mountains!  How the absolutely impossible tasks and deadlines were accomplished with integrity, pride and a sense of purpose.  We rose above the politics and the mundane to become unstoppable and amazingly successful.

Individuals can be smart and intelligent, but a group of people are geniuses.  True collaborative teams will grow each good idea into greatness.  Each participant coming to the table with their best self and work together – it is POWERFUL!

Is your team capable of moving mountains?

Making the Impossible Feasible, then Successful

The Fabric of Teamwork

Fabric of Teamwork

There is an invisible web, or fabric, that runs through every group of people and it is composed of human interactions, expectations, communication, processes and system automation.  It is the underlying reason that groups succeed or fail. The web/fabric is dynamic and moves as events trigger it – deadlines, new management, or change in personnel. 

But slow changes that creep in without anyone realizing it, can destroy it.  When expectations get out of concert with reality; when communication is not kept up with growth; when processes become obsolete but held on tightly as ‘we’ve always done it this way’; when a new system wasn’t truly integrated, or Day 2 items never materialized. Or hardest yet – when a young startup with new experts must learn to work together and create the fabric.

As you look to figure out what is going wrong with your group of people, you need to ensure you look at all aspects of them.  What is triggering them, where are the holes in their team fabric, where are the areas that have become rigid?

Making the impossible feasible, then successful


Ready to create your own brand and stand out?

I want to recommend Own Your Brand by David Billstrom.  He’s an executive coach and has outlined how to create your own brand on LinkedIn in simple, easy steps.  Going through his process transformed how I think about myself.  It allowed me to get away from my resume and present myself as I really am and how I want to be seen – an interesting person, a proven track record, and someone ready to take on the next challenge. 

Even if you think you are set in your current job, you should create your own personal brand – you never know what doors it could open up!

Making the impossible feasible, then successful.