Dismantling Institutional Racism

Dismantle Institutional Racism and other forms of discrimination.  UNITE the many organizations, programs and initiatives already making progress with the experts in 12 distinct but interconnected areas of our daily lives to create a Framework of Equal Under the Law.  Within each local and state government, using current data gathered at the source, adjust the policies and processes in place to meet the Framework.  Train the government leaders and employees to see their own biases to create REAL CHANGE.  This is not a political organization so we will not be relying on policy or politicians. 

The 14th Amendment guarantees the freedom from discrimination.  This Framework will ensure those rights. Using data driven analysis, identify the discrepancies and address them using mediation or legal action to guarantee equality is practiced throughout every local and state government across the nation.  As we clean house, teams will remain to support every member of any marginalized population to empower them to freely use all the many benefits this country has to offer.