Dismantling Institutional Racism

Dismantle Institutional Racism and other forms of discrimination.  UNITE the many organizations, programs and initiatives into an interconnected and interdependent FRAMEWORK.  Apply the Framework to each local and state government. Where needed, modify the local laws, policies and processes to be Equal Under the Law.   Train the government leaders and employees to see their own individual biases to create REAL CHANGE.

The 14th Amendment guarantees the freedom from discrimination.  This Framework will enforce and safeguard those rights.  This is not a political organization.  Modifications will occur through mediation and legal action with laws put in place that political power cannot change   As local governments are adjusted to be open to all peoples, Equity Teams will remain to support every member of marginalized populations to empower them to benefit from the many opportunities this country was meant to offer.

Funding will be a combination of private, corporate, and government with revenue from a Corporate Framework.  An accreditation will be investigated to ensure America continues towards being the Land of the Free.