Project Manager Professional PMP

I have managed projects from a few people for a few months up to 50 people/enterprise-wide, in multi-year, multi-million-dollar projects successfully.  I’ve been doing this for 2 decades – I get it at the very core of true project management!

A good Senior Project Manager (PM), like me, will keep the team moving forward, be open and honest to prevent conflicts, and stay on track.  But the truth is – we get that in place within the first few months. Then, our jobs turn to busy work.  That’s very expensive for small companies and growing companies.  This is why I had to stay in large recruiting companies and in Project Management Offices in large organizations – they are the ones who can afford the expertise.

But what about the small company, the startup?  They could use Senior Project Management skills and knowledge a lot more than a large organization.  These organizations need every chosen project done and done well – despite any crisis. What about medium sized firms that need that fork-life upgrade to become big?

In my virtual, consulting framework – it’s all possible!  I get the team moving forward – get everyone on the Same Road, Same Time in the Same Direction.  I get the tools in place, the habits started, the trust building, and the teams working smoothly.  As a Senior Project Manager, I do that the fastest. It’s like giving your work effort a big jump forward!

Then, I turn it over to a mid-level or junior Project Manager to finish the project or work effort.  I would always be available to help in crisis – there are always some – but only as needed.

You get the expertise you need; you keep you costs down with a junior or mid-level project manager and most importantly – the work gets done!