LinkedIn Recommendations

Leadership Coach and Consultant

Karen took on leadership of a project that was in complete disarray facing a very tight, very hard, deadline with a mountain of activity to be accomplished before it was due. She dove in and got everyone organized, helped us get clear on our priorities and our true scope then managed complex sequencing and personalities. She has a calm and pleasant personality, effectively using humor and clarity deflect tense moments. Without Karen, we would have NEVER finished on time! She was very professional, had great follow-through and was a joy to work with!

VP of Strategic Planning and Digital Marketing

Karen is a consummate professional with an incredible ability to quickly grasp a situation, clearly articulate barriers and areas of improvement and then strategize solutions. Even better, she has the tools to execute, moves quickly, is energetic and acts as a partner in arms throughout. It was a pleasure working with Karen and could not recommend her more

Information Technology Program Manager

I had the pleasure of working with Karen on a State project and found her very calm during heated or controversial topics and always acting professionally. She has a gift for bringing teams together on ideas and a knack for driving PMI best practices without most people realizing it!! I enjoyed working with her and recommend her for any complex project!

Management Consultant

Karen is a pleasure to work with and brings experience that can make an immediate impact to any team. Her positive energy is refreshing and motivating to others around her. As a project manager, she possesses the great quality of balancing technical and interpersonal skills to lead teams forward.


Broadridge, Sr Director DevOps

Mr. Brett Schmoll will say that I am tenacious in my approach to getting projects delivered; that I am very effective in maintaining a healthy relationship with the project team despite the pressures and stresses associated with these complex conversion projects; that one of my greatest strengths is my willingness to tackle issues head-on and not sit idly by waiting for issues to be resolved.   Brett will attest that I excel at creating a collaborative environment for teams to work together on issue resolution without degenerating into a finger pointing exercise.

Broadridge, Sr Director, Development

Mr. Sreedhar Reddy will attest to my core traits: thoroughness, intelligence, being proactive and extremely client-centric.  He will say I was clear in managing expectations and was diligent in ensuring the external client was happy with our deliverables. Despite the project being extremely time sensitive with insanely complex dependencies and quite arduous at times, Sreedhar will say I always held myself together to the most professional of levels, never wilted under pressure; that I was successful in pulling together disparate teams with competing priorities and styles which created extreme levels of risk. He will explain how I utilized my unique style: a combination of enough persuasion, right amount of diplomacy, copious arbitration and reiterating the overall objective, to meet our goals. 

Broadridge – VP Product Management

It was a pleasure working with Karen and I will happily endorse her skills as a Senior Project Manager and leader.  She has executed and delivered large enterprise projects which require coordination amongst multiple internal and external teams.  She excelled in seamless hand-off and communication for 24×7 delivery of a leading financial industry tier 1 application.  Fantastic client facing communication coupled with possessing the leadership and maturity to escalate when necessary and keep teams driving towards solutions has enabled Karen to be successful in her role.  Karen has done an exceptional job managing complex project logistics in a diverse cultural climate containing globally located stakeholders.  I would enjoy working alongside Karen again if the future opportunity presents itself.